Monday, September 28, 2009

Got a check from Kellogg's!!

So in July I found this Poptart deal at Target. They had a store coupon and a man coupon, making a box of poptarts almost nothing...i think it was about .20 something cents a piece. Anyway to make the deal better Kellogg's has a promotion that if you sent in 10 UPC codes and a reciept they would send you a coupon book,$10.00 check, and $70.00 off a Dell computer. Well, I thought what the heck! I got my coupon book but never got the check....until today! I got a $10.00 check from Kellogg's just for buying SUPER cheap poptarts!!!!

So lesson here....SEND IN THOSE MAIL IN REBATES!!!!! It may take a while but you'll get it!!!! Post a pic later!

Quick Target Trip 9/28


Nature Source Glass Cleaner 2.99
6 Crystal Light mixes .68 each
2 bath buddies .97 each
1 infants motrin

-$1 target coupon for Nature Source
-$1 Man Q for Nature source
- 2 $1 for JOhnson product(.03 overage!)
- 3 $2/2 Crystal Light mixes (.64 overage!)

Final: $3.xx

CVS 9/28


AccuCheck Meter $14.99
Lotion 7.99
Fusion Gamer 9.99

-$10 for meter
-1.50 for lotion
-$4.00 for razor
-$6.99 ECB
-$2.00 ECB


Got back
$7.00 ECB for lotion
$5.00 ECB for Razor
$5.00 ECB for Meter

Monday, September 21, 2009

Harris Teeter tripling trips.

I don't have specifics, but i've been averaging about $4.00 a trip and each time getting a $3.00 on your next purchase. Enjoy the pics!




I've been a couple other times too, but i've been building up the freezer and grands items, so I thought it would be redundant to post pics of the same thing over again. Now, that i've stocked up on alot of veggies and grands, I have $3.00 to spend in the store on whatever I want. I think goodies for me is in store!

So i've been slacking on posting but not on SHOPPING!!!

Rite Aid last week had Covergirl makeup, B1G1 so I combined that with B1G1 coupons from the procter & gamble insert coupon!!! Here are the pics!


Paid OOP:1.57


Paid OOP: 1.58

Monday, September 14, 2009

My CVS shopping Yesterday afternoon

So after not going to CVS in a couple of weeks, i have to admit i was starting to go through withdrawls! LOL. Here are my goodies and the breakdown!


My card:
1 colgate toothpaste @ 2.99
2 revlon eyeshadows @ $4.99 B1G1

-$1.00 toothpaste coupon
-$1.00 revlon coupon
-$1.00 revlon coupon
-$1.98 ECB
-$1.98 ECB

Final: $1.66
Got $2.00 ECB
and a couple other coupons and a chance to win $1,000(hey, you never know!)

Wes' Card:

3 Listerine @ 3.99 each
1 Colgate Toothpaste

-3 $1.00 listerine coupons
-$1.00 colgate coupon
-$1.00 ECB
-$6.99 ECB

Final: $4.17
Got back $2.00 ECB
$6.00 ECB

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So....i have been asked....

What in the world do you do with all of that stuff you get. Well, I have been blessed with a house that has great cabinet space, although,when we bought the house i was not into couponing yet. I also have a storage room right outside of my bedroom. Pics of that to come soon as i get rid of my parents fish tank! LOL

I got these candles free from the FREE candle coupon a few weeks back.


We won't need mustard for a WHILE!!!!


Cleaning supplies.

All of my HBA items are in my building...hopefully i can get those pics up tomorrow!

Commisay Trip

I went to the commisary yesterday with 8 $3.00 of shick razor coupons. At the commisary they allow overage, so i bought the .62 shick razors and got 2.38 in over PER coupon, so times that by 8 and that's almost $20! So, i got stuff we needed with all that overage!

Milk(not pictured)
18 eggs(not pictured)
8 packs razors
6 cans corn
6 cans green beans
2 sippy cups for Monkey

Service charge:1.27

So....$1.10 after service charge or about .04 per item! If i would have taken my binder in i probably would have gotten more, but was in a hurry!



Another Harris Teeter Trip

This was my last Harris Teeter trip during Super Doubles. I don't have my reciept so i don't know details, but I do remember that my final total was -.72!!! so i had to buy 2 candy bars to make my total .13!!! Here's the pic


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Need a new coupon Binder??

I know some of the people that actually read my blog don't have a binder put together. Here's your chance to win one! Just head over to and see how you can win a LOADED binder!