Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food Lion this week is AMAZING!!!

All of this for less than $3.00?!?!?!?! I'll break it down for you. This is several transactions because the deal is buy 5 participating products save $5.00. Here's the breakdown.
5 Tubs of cool whip @ 1.00 each
total: 10 cents!!!!(did deal 2 times)
2 Capri Suns @ 2.07 each
2-2.00 food lion coupon
Total: 7 cents each!!
Mayo is 2/$4
I had 1.50/2 coupons for regular mayo and
$1/1 for the new flavored mayo
so 1 transaction would look like this:(did this twice)
2 regular mayo-$4
3 flavored mayo-$6
Total: 50 cents!!!
2nd transaction:
5 flavored mayo
Total: FREE, i just paid TAX!!
I still have more coupons and there is a smuckers deal that I plan on doing tomorrow.

CVS #2

I went last night to do a couple more deals and here is what I got.
2 hyrdo razor's
1 schick shave gel
4 glade sprays
4 Xtra laundry detergent(not pic'd for the office)
2-$5 hydro razors
1-$1 shave gel
4-$1 glad spray
got back:
$10 ECB
$5 ECB
submitted for a $5.00 rebate for the glade!

CVS this week

I have been busy so far this week!!! I started off at CVS. I bought 4 stayfree that were BOGO and had 2 BOGO coupons making all 4 FREE!!! Then I bought 4 new pretzel M&M's that were BOGO and had 2 M&M BOGO aking all 4 FREE!!!
2 hydro razor's @8.99
1 schick shave gel @ 3.99
2-$5 hydro razor coupons
1-$1 shave gel
got back $10 ECB
bought:2 windex, and 2 pledge sweepers for $10 and used 4-$1 coupon on all those and got back $5 ECB. I also submitted a $5.00 rebate when you purchase 3 participating products, so i'll be making money on this deal!!!
Great Trip if I do say so myself!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip

Nothing too special. Everything I had coupons for was 2/$5 so I paid .50 each for most of this! The Kleenex hand towels were .99 and the wacky mac was free. I spent about $12-$13 on all this!

Walmart Trip

We had to go to walmart last night and thought i would pick up a few deals.

I bought:

2 Johnson and Johnson travel frist aid kits....97cents

3 Lysol Hand pump......6.00


2-.75 off johnson

3-3.00 off lysol

Friday, June 25, 2010

Target trip while hubb was at home depot!

I rode with hubby to home depot but secretly wanted to go to Target next door and take care of some deals that I heard about. The first one was the Old Spice deal. It was buy 3 get $5 gift card. Well the best deal was to buy 12....

So i bought 12

Used 6 B1G1 free body wash coupons

Used 3 $1/2 body wash coupons

Got 4 $5.00 Gift Cards

So I spent 20.94 for all 12, but got back $20 worth of gift cards.

So i paid $1.75 each or .08 each after you subtract the gift cards!!!!

I got 5 air wick air fresheners @ 1.99 each

-1.00 coupon

So .99 each!!

4 John Frieda @ 5.09 each

4-3/1 man coupon

2-3/2 target coupon

total:2.36 or .49 each!

6 satin care shave gel @ .99 each


total:.44 each!!!

Tomorrow i plan on going back to Target and doing the Old Spice deal again. But this time paying with gift cards and getting gift cards back!! So it will look like this

buy 12 body washes


6 B1G1 Free

3 $1/2


pay $20 in gift cards

Total:.94(plus tax)

Get $20 in giftcards

So i'm going to make about $19 on that visit!!!! Here's the pic for tonight!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

WOW! It's been a while

So I know i haven't been on here in a LONG time. I have been really busy with Boo getting out of school for the summer,vacations,and getting ready for hubby to deploy. :-( I have been slacking on my shopping but i have picked up again and just in time too, sales are getting better!!! I'm finally able to start stockpiling food....which is great!!!

This week has been fun going to Food Lion. Now, I usually don't like food lion that much because I think there prices are to high, but this week i'm able to get cheap eggs,manwhich and hunts tomatos, and free cheese!!

This is my picture from today's trip shopping. I started at Target.

I Bought:

5 Pampers wipes

2 extended clean scrubbing bubbles.

Coupons Used:

5 $2 off Pampers

2 $5 off extended clean manufactor coupon

2 $3 off extended clean Target Coupon.


Then I went to Harris Teeter.

I bought

8 Jellos, priced at .57 each.

Used .50/2 coupon. They double coupons everyday

Total: 61!!!! I did get 2 papers-3.50

Then I went to 2 different Food Lions and bought:

1/2 dz eggs...$1.02

1 chunck cheese...$2

4 hunt's tomatos......84 each

2 manwich...$1

2nd store bought milk...2.99

Coupons Used:

$1 off any eggs

$2 off chunk cheese

1.50/2 hunts

1.50/2 manwhich

Total:1.08 at first store

4.13 at second store
Here's the Picture!