Monday, September 28, 2009

Got a check from Kellogg's!!

So in July I found this Poptart deal at Target. They had a store coupon and a man coupon, making a box of poptarts almost nothing...i think it was about .20 something cents a piece. Anyway to make the deal better Kellogg's has a promotion that if you sent in 10 UPC codes and a reciept they would send you a coupon book,$10.00 check, and $70.00 off a Dell computer. Well, I thought what the heck! I got my coupon book but never got the check....until today! I got a $10.00 check from Kellogg's just for buying SUPER cheap poptarts!!!!

So lesson here....SEND IN THOSE MAIL IN REBATES!!!!! It may take a while but you'll get it!!!! Post a pic later!

Quick Target Trip 9/28


Nature Source Glass Cleaner 2.99
6 Crystal Light mixes .68 each
2 bath buddies .97 each
1 infants motrin

-$1 target coupon for Nature Source
-$1 Man Q for Nature source
- 2 $1 for JOhnson product(.03 overage!)
- 3 $2/2 Crystal Light mixes (.64 overage!)

Final: $3.xx

CVS 9/28


AccuCheck Meter $14.99
Lotion 7.99
Fusion Gamer 9.99

-$10 for meter
-1.50 for lotion
-$4.00 for razor
-$6.99 ECB
-$2.00 ECB


Got back
$7.00 ECB for lotion
$5.00 ECB for Razor
$5.00 ECB for Meter

Monday, September 21, 2009

Harris Teeter tripling trips.

I don't have specifics, but i've been averaging about $4.00 a trip and each time getting a $3.00 on your next purchase. Enjoy the pics!




I've been a couple other times too, but i've been building up the freezer and grands items, so I thought it would be redundant to post pics of the same thing over again. Now, that i've stocked up on alot of veggies and grands, I have $3.00 to spend in the store on whatever I want. I think goodies for me is in store!

So i've been slacking on posting but not on SHOPPING!!!

Rite Aid last week had Covergirl makeup, B1G1 so I combined that with B1G1 coupons from the procter & gamble insert coupon!!! Here are the pics!


Paid OOP:1.57


Paid OOP: 1.58

Monday, September 14, 2009

My CVS shopping Yesterday afternoon

So after not going to CVS in a couple of weeks, i have to admit i was starting to go through withdrawls! LOL. Here are my goodies and the breakdown!


My card:
1 colgate toothpaste @ 2.99
2 revlon eyeshadows @ $4.99 B1G1

-$1.00 toothpaste coupon
-$1.00 revlon coupon
-$1.00 revlon coupon
-$1.98 ECB
-$1.98 ECB

Final: $1.66
Got $2.00 ECB
and a couple other coupons and a chance to win $1,000(hey, you never know!)

Wes' Card:

3 Listerine @ 3.99 each
1 Colgate Toothpaste

-3 $1.00 listerine coupons
-$1.00 colgate coupon
-$1.00 ECB
-$6.99 ECB

Final: $4.17
Got back $2.00 ECB
$6.00 ECB

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So....i have been asked....

What in the world do you do with all of that stuff you get. Well, I have been blessed with a house that has great cabinet space, although,when we bought the house i was not into couponing yet. I also have a storage room right outside of my bedroom. Pics of that to come soon as i get rid of my parents fish tank! LOL

I got these candles free from the FREE candle coupon a few weeks back.


We won't need mustard for a WHILE!!!!


Cleaning supplies.

All of my HBA items are in my building...hopefully i can get those pics up tomorrow!

Commisay Trip

I went to the commisary yesterday with 8 $3.00 of shick razor coupons. At the commisary they allow overage, so i bought the .62 shick razors and got 2.38 in over PER coupon, so times that by 8 and that's almost $20! So, i got stuff we needed with all that overage!

Milk(not pictured)
18 eggs(not pictured)
8 packs razors
6 cans corn
6 cans green beans
2 sippy cups for Monkey

Service charge:1.27

So....$1.10 after service charge or about .04 per item! If i would have taken my binder in i probably would have gotten more, but was in a hurry!



Another Harris Teeter Trip

This was my last Harris Teeter trip during Super Doubles. I don't have my reciept so i don't know details, but I do remember that my final total was -.72!!! so i had to buy 2 candy bars to make my total .13!!! Here's the pic


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Need a new coupon Binder??

I know some of the people that actually read my blog don't have a binder put together. Here's your chance to win one! Just head over to and see how you can win a LOADED binder!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

CVS 8/30


Trans #1
2 Bounce bars @ 3.99 each
-2 $1 coupon
Got $2 ECB's

Candle @ 6.99
-$2 coupon
got 6.99 ECB's

hand soap @ 1.69
-CVS Free soap coupon

OOP:2.04 after coupon and using ECB's
Recieved: 8.99 in ECB's

Trans #2

1 bounce bar @ 3.99
-$1 coupon
Got $1 ECB

Candle 6.99
-2 coupon
Got 6.99 in ECB's

.33 candy(used to use all coupons)

Final:3.15 after coupons and ecb's
recieved $7.99 ECB's

Sunday Harris Teeter Trip



6 danimal smoothie @ 3/$6
-6 $1 coupon

3 Donaimino @ 3/$6
-3 $1 coupon

2 fiber one yogurt @ B1G1(2.99)
-$1 coupon
Final:.99 or .50 each or .13 a cup!!!

Yoplait Delights @ 2.99
-$1 coupon

Lipton Tea @ B1G1(2.69)
-Try my Free coupon
Final:2 boxes FREE(this was an error, i don't think it will always work!)

Herbal Essence Shampoo @ 2.50
-$1 coupon

Herbal Essence Mousse @ 2.50
-FREE after buying shampoo

Puffs(NEEDED for sick hubby)@2.59

Toothpicks(needed)@ .99

Total oop:$5.73
VIC SAvings:9.55
Coupons Tendered:38.74

Another Harris Teeter Trip


I can't find my reciept so i'm gonna try this by memory. LOL

5 Breyers Ice Cream@ buy 2(5.59 each) get 3 free
-$1/2 coupon
Final:$9.18 or 1.84 each

6 ice cream topping @ 2/$4
-6 $1 coupons

6 Clearasil @ 2.99
-1.50 coupon

Ajax @ 1.99
-$1 coupon

6 Budwiser BBQ sauce @ B1G1free(2.99)
-3 $1 coupon
Final:$2.97 or .50 each

My total OOP was about 12.xx

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wes' Harris Teeter Trip

It's so fun getting my fmaily involved in my couponing, especially my hubby!!



ice cream toopings @ 2/$4
-1.00 coupon

2 Tide to go pens @ 2.50
-1.00 coupon

2 raid @ 3.99(we needed having isses with flies)
-1.00 coupon

Lacross Tweezers @ 2.29
-1.00 coupon

3 playtex gloves @ 1.99
-1.00 coupon

2 Ken's Marinade @ B1G1(2.49??)
-1.oo coupon

3 clearasil pads @ 2.99
-1.50 coupon

3 Clearasil wash @ 3.49
-1.50 coupon

Milk @2.99

Bacon @1.97

Jimmy Dean @ 5.99
-1.00 coupon

Total OOP:19.14(1.99 in tax)
VIC saings:25.40

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip 1

Both wes and I went to Harris Teeter last night and got stuff. It's awesome that we both have our own cards!!
This is MY trip:


3 Dawn Hand Renewel @ 1.99
-1.00 coupon

3 Dawn Direct Foam @ 1.99
-1.50 coupon

2 Suave Lotion @2.97
-1.00 coupon
Final:.97 each

2 Pert Plus for Men @ 3.27
-1.50 coupon
Final:.27 each

4 Ice cream toppings @ 2/$4
-1.00 coupon

3 Clearasil pads @ 2.99
-1.50 coupon

3 Clearasil wash @ 3.49
-1.50 coupon

Total before coupons:55.09
-2.50 OYNO(on you next order)
VIC savings:21.96

TOTAL OOP:7.35(1.93 tax)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

AAfes trip

So Wes, I and the kids decided to eat lunch at the PX one day. After lunch we decided to stroll around the PX and come to find out they had some pretty good clearance going on. Since it was before school I decided to look and see if I could find stuff for Boo. Well, jackpot! I ended up getting all this(about 11 items) for around $25-$30!!! That's amazing considering one shirt was origannyl priced at about $25.00. Unfortunatly, they didn't have anything worth gettin gfor monkey! :-(


CVS Trip #2


2 glade lasting impressions
-2 $3 coupons

Final:4(got back $3 ecb's)

-$2 ecb




2 compisiton books @ 1.98
used 1.98 ECB
got 1.98 back in ecb's

OOP: .14 or .07 each! I basically paid tax!

CVS Shopping

I know it's been awhile. And I didn't get a chance to post ALL of my Harris Teeter trips! Yes, there were more! LOL. Anyway, I had some free time on Monday so i thought I would make a few CVS Trips. So, here's the breakdown(oh, and I had some ECB's expiring so I had to use them...i plan on donating a couple of items)

Trip #1

3 Lasting Impressions and 1 Sense and Spray

3/$10 and get $3 back in ECB's(limit 3)
3 $3 coupons for lasting impressions
1 $4 coupon for Sense and Spray

Final:$7 but i got $6.00 Ecb's

so $1 or .25 each!!!

2 composition book @ 1.98
got 1.98 ECB's

Final FREE

4 Poise(donating) 2/$4 get $1
-4 $2 coupons

Final: FREE plus $2 in ECB's!!

Total:29.98 + tax
- coupons:8.98

Got back:$6.00 ecb(glade deal)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Harris Teeter trip #5


2 Gerber puffs @ 2.00 each
-.75/2 coupon(2.25)
FINAL:1.75 or .88 each

Dole fruit @ 2.69
-.75 coupon

2 suave deodorant @ 2.94
-.75 coupon(2.25)
FINAL:.69 or .35 each

5 chex mix @ 3/$5 or 1.67 each
-.50 coupon(1.50)
FINAL: .17 each

5 totino's pizza rolls @ 2.29 each.....Buy 2 get 3 free
-.40/2 coupon (1.20)
FINAL:3.38 or .68 each

4 suddenly salads @ 2/$4
-.75/2(2.25) used 2 coupons
FINAL:3.50 or .88 each

I also got $5.00 off because I got 15 items listed on the page of the ad.

VIC savings:25.60
coupon savings: 45.55

total OOP:8.03!

Harris Teeter Trip #4


4 lysol toilet cleaners @ 1.99 each
-.50 coupon(1.50)
FINAL: .49 each

Texas Toast @ 2.50
-.50 coupon(1.50)

3 worsterishire sauce @ 1.69 each
-.50 coupon(1.50)
FINAL: .19 each

2 French's Mustard @ 1.29
-.50 coupon(1.50)

Cottonelle Wipes @ 3.39
-.75 coupon(2.25)

2 blue bunny ice cream @ 5.49 BOGO
-.75 coupon(2.25)
FINAL:3.24 or 1.62 each

2 uncrustables @ 3.29 each
-.75 coupon
FINAL:1.04 each

warm delight @ 1.99
-.50 coupon(1.50)

4 snyder pretezel snacks @ 2/$6
FINAL:$3 or .75 each

VIC Savings:15.28
Coupon SAvings: 51.48
Total OOP:13.85

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Harris Teeter #3


2 betty Crocker frosting @ 1.99 each
-.50 coupon

3 Lysol Toilet Cleaner @ 1.99 each
-.50 coupon
FINAL: .49

Renuzit @ .97
-40 coupon

4 Knorr Rice @ 1.55 each
FINAL:1.70 or .43 each

2 wish bone spritzers @ 2.00 each
-.75 coupon

Rice Krispes @ 3.65

6 Jello @ .89 each
FINAL:.84 or .14 each

Munch Pack @ 3.99
-.75 coupon
FINAL: 1.74

3 Colgate @ 1.99 each
-.75 coupon

2 jello packs @ 2.50 each
-.60 coupon
FINAL: .70 each

total VIC savings:11.43
Coupon SAvings:48.95


Harris Teeter Trip #2


3 Warm Delights @1.99
-.50 coupon

3 Chex Mix @ 1.67 each
-.50 coupon

4 DOLE Snacks @ 2.69
-.75 coupon

3 Lipton Tea Bags 16 count @ 1.29 each
-.50 coupon

3 French's Mustard @ 1.29 each
-.50 coupon

Grande Chips @ 2.50
-.75 coupon
FINAL: .25

3 Bumble Bee tuna @ 1.30 each
-.50 coupon

Coupon Savings:41.69


Harris Teeter Trip 1

I have done 3 trips to Harris Teeter. All three trips I have done 20 coupons each time.

Trip #1:

3 Viva Paper Towels @ 2.59 each
-.85 Coupon(or 2.55)

2 Warm Delights @ 1.99 each
-.50 Coupon(or 1.50)
FINAL: .49 each

3 Betty Crocker Frosting @ 1.99 each
-.50 Coupon(or 1.50)
FINAL: .49 each

3 Lipton Tea bags 16 count @ 1.29 each
-.50 coupon(or 1.50)

2 Luzianne Tea Bages 24 count @ 1.99 each
-.60 coupon(or 1.80)
FINAL:.19 each

2 Uncle Ben rice @ 1.99
-.75 coupon(or 2.25)

3 Bumble Bee tuna @ 1.39
- .50 coupon(or 1.50)

2 GUM toothbrush @ 1.99
-.75 coupon(or 2.25)

VIC Savings:5.26
Coupon Savings: 39.93

Out of Pocket:2.68!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harris Teeter TRIPLES!!

Don't forget starting tomorrow Harris Teeter is Tripling coupons up to .99!! You can get LOTS of items for free or extremely cheap! I will post pics and details of my scores tomorrow eveing!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday morning run to CVS

Oh how I love my CVS! Thery always have my items in stock and the ladies there know me and for the most part love to see my savings! Sometimes we have some issues but it happens. All I can recommend to everyone is KNOW YOU STORES COUPON POLICIES! Don't let them bully you...many cashiers feel that if you pay cents for all your items that you are 'stealing' from the store. Don't buy into that!!!! The stores get paid back for the coupons you use plus 8 cents! So really they are making money from you! Also, don't feel ashamed, most of the time they are jealous that you found the sales before they did! HeHe!!! Anyway...back to my CVS trip this morning!!!


Revlon makeup: $9.99
Free after ECB

4 snicker's bars:2/$1
-2 $1off 2 coupons

Total before coupons and ECB's:$11.99
-2 $1 off 2 candy
-1.98 ECB
-1.98 ECB
-2.00 ECB
-3.98 ECB

Total out of pocket(OOP):.89

ECB's Recieved: $9.99!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Harris Teeter

Since I was out and about at Walgreens I figured I would run over to Harris Teeter to take advantage of a couple of deals there.


2 Skippy Peanut Butter @ .97 each
-.60(doubled to bring it to .97)

Loaf of Harris Teeter Sandwich bread: .97

Total after tax: $1.01!!

My Walgreens Trip tonight!!


So I found out from A Full Cup ladies that at Walgreens you could combine a $2.00 Walgreens coupon with a .50 cent manufacturer coupon for Huggies 64+ Count Wipes. At my Walgreens the price for wipes were $3.29.

So I got:

10 tubs of wipes @ 3.29=$32.90

-$2 Walgreens coupon x 10=$12.90

-.50 Manufacturer Coupon X 10=$7.90

Grand Total with Tax:$10.20!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I went to Food Lion tonight!!

and this is what I got:


Grapes .99/LB 1.60 LBS - $1.00 Guiding Star Coupon

Tide $9.99-$2 FLIP-$1 Man Coupon

Cotton Ball $1.26-$1 FLIP

Food Lion Peanut Butter $1.67-$1 FLIP
Final: .67

Home 360 Tissues .95-$1 FLIP
Final: -.05

2 pillsbury ready bake cookies 2.79 each-$1 Man Coupon

Milk 3.29-$2 from cookie deal
Final: $1.29

Total before coupons and MVP: $34.xx
Total after MVP: 24.xx
Total after MVP and Coupons: $15.19!!!!

Ask and you shall recieve!!!

Have you ever wondered where people get the really good coupons? For example: Free 'insert item," see below...


Well, I have found one of the answers!! Write the company. For example, last week I emailed Purex and explained to them that I wanted to try the 3-in-1 product and if they could please send me some coupons to offset the cost. Today in the mail not only did I get 3 coupons for the Purex 3-in-1, I also got coupons for their products!!!

So, just ask! What's the worse that can happen?? They either don't email you back or you get a 'no' or they actually send you something!

There is a format that I have found to be helpful when asking.

1.Dear Sir or Ma'am

2. give a compliment about product. In the 3-on-1 case, I explained I thought it was a great idea!

3.I always ask to be put on the mailing list to receive coupons,promotions, and free samples

4. Thank them again

5. close letter...don't forget to give you information(name,address, email, and phone number)


Over the past few months I have gone to many different blogger's pages to get updated on the newest sales,freebies and other money saving opportunities. After watching them and having to go to several sites to find the stores that I go to, I have decided that I would start my own and show the stores I go to. In addition to that I will add pics of my 'scores' and share family stories. We'll see how long this last!! I do work a full time job,married and have 2 kids. My oldest is about to start first grade and my youngest just started walking! So, needless to say I do have my hands full! I may have to do several blogs a day but hopefully I will get everything I want said....well...said!