Tuesday, July 27, 2010

how's this for a quick trip to Target

I did this same thing twice!!

8 Chef Ravioli(sp) .80/each
2 10 pack BIC pens .99/each
2 Aquafresh Kids toothpaste 1.62/ each
2 wonka chocolate bards 2.23/each

Coupons used:
2-$1 off chef TQ
2-$1.50/4 chef MQ
2- $1 off BIC stationary
2-.50/1 off Auquafresh kids TQ
2- $1 off Aquafresh MQ
2- $1 off wonka TQ
2- $1 off wonka MQ

Grand Total:4.XX(mostly tax)

Now...here's the kicker. Remember all those gift cards I got with the Old Spice deal??? Well, I used them to pay for this stuff. SOOOO....I paid NOTHING out of pocket!!!!!!

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