Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Commisay Trip

I went to the commisary yesterday with 8 $3.00 of shick razor coupons. At the commisary they allow overage, so i bought the .62 shick razors and got 2.38 in over PER coupon, so times that by 8 and that's almost $20! So, i got stuff we needed with all that overage!

Milk(not pictured)
18 eggs(not pictured)
8 packs razors
6 cans corn
6 cans green beans
2 sippy cups for Monkey

Service charge:1.27

So....$1.10 after service charge or about .04 per item! If i would have taken my binder in i probably would have gotten more, but was in a hurry!



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