Monday, September 28, 2009

Got a check from Kellogg's!!

So in July I found this Poptart deal at Target. They had a store coupon and a man coupon, making a box of poptarts almost nothing...i think it was about .20 something cents a piece. Anyway to make the deal better Kellogg's has a promotion that if you sent in 10 UPC codes and a reciept they would send you a coupon book,$10.00 check, and $70.00 off a Dell computer. Well, I thought what the heck! I got my coupon book but never got the check....until today! I got a $10.00 check from Kellogg's just for buying SUPER cheap poptarts!!!!

So lesson here....SEND IN THOSE MAIL IN REBATES!!!!! It may take a while but you'll get it!!!! Post a pic later!

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